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Terahertz Technology: 3D Imaging and Spectroscopy

TeraView Limited is at the forefront of global developments in terahertz light, creating terahertz instruments which can generate, detect and manipulate radiation to characterise a wide range of materials.

Non-destructive Testing

Terahertz non-contact imaging technology proves to be ideal for art and industrial applications as well as material integrity studies.

TeraView terahertz equipment

Security Screening & Detection

Terahertz can image hidden objects in clothing and spectroscopically determine chemical and bioagent composition of explosives and prohibited substances.

Material Characterization

Non-destructive 3D terahertz imaging of metamaterials and electron carriers.

Solar Power Optimisation

Improve photovoltaic technology using THz capabilities. Detect cracks in crucibles and defects in silicon.

Medical Imaging

TeraView's medical imaging innovations revolutionise oncology research and allow early dental caries detection.

Terahertz medical cancer imaging


TeraView's imaging and reflectometry applications provide rapid fault isolation.

Terahertz reflectometry of integrated circuit

Pharmaceutical Formulation

Design better products and solve your solid dosage problems using TeraView's proprietary terahertz imaging and spectroscopy.

Terahertz tablet solid dosage analysis

Pulsed and Continuous Wave Terahertz Instruments

TeraView is the world's first innovator of terahertz imaging and terahertz spectroscopy systems, with over two decades of experience in the field. TeraView's co-founders, Sir Michael Pepper (CSO) (2013 Faraday Medal recipient) and Dr Don Arnone (CEO), developed the TPI™ platform after working in the field of sourcing and detecting terahertz and recognising the potential which terahertz equipment had in solving real-world problems.

TPS Spectra 3000 - THz Pulsed Imaging and Spectroscopy

TPS Spectra 3000

EOTPR 2000 - Electro Optical Terahertz Pulsed Reflectometry

EOTPR - Electro optical terahertz pulsed reflectometry 

CW Spectra 400 – Continuous Wave Terahertz Spectrometer with Imaging Capabilities

CW Spectra 400

About TeraView and Terahertz Technology

Using our terahertz equipment, THz imaging is capable of being applied to a number of 3D terahertz imaging and spectroscopy uses. TeraView's proprietary TPI™ is utilised in a range of industries, with the potential to save lives, improve security, maintain food and drug standards, and make industry more efficient. The semi-conductor, solar, pharmaceutical, medical, homeland security, non-destructive testing and material characterisation industries have all experienced major developments as a result of terahertz imaging.

TeraView's Pharma Innovations team have developed terahertz imaging as a quick, reliable and non-destructive in-line control of pharmaceutical products (such as pills); a technique which has since been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition to this, terahertz imaging is sensitive and safe enough to offer huge potential for medical applications such as cancer detection and oral health imaging. Powerful terahertz imaging equipment can also be used to quickly detect cracks and defects at depth within silicon, reducing waste and improving process yields within the semiconductor and solar industries.

Homeland security can be significantly improved by THz imaging techniques; we were the first to discover that explosives gave off unique frequencies and to image explosives when hidden within shoes. Terahertz instruments can also detect on-person explosives, metallic objects and noxious gases, and be used for effective mail screening. TeraView's terahertz imaging has a wealth of other non-destructive testing and material characteristic testing abilities which can be tailored to a client's required purpose. Read more...

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