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About Us

TeraView Limited is at the forefront of global developments in terahertz light, creating terahertz instruments which can generate, detect and manipulate radiation to characterise a wide range of materials

innovation at TeraViewTeraView is the world's first innovator of such terahertz imaging and terahertz spectroscopy systems, with over two decades of experience in the field. TeraView's co-founders, Sir Michael Pepper (CSO) and Dr. Don Arnone (CEO), developed the TPI™ platform after working in the field of sourcing and detecting terahertz light. The company's expertise in designing and manufacturing reliable and robust THz sources enables customers to realize the potential of terahertz radiation and solve real-world problems.

Uniquely, the company has a wealth of experience in both the technology to generate, detect and manipulate terahertz light. Our extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge in applications of the technology in different markets to solve real world problems for our customers. Both of these attributes are represented in our product offering to customers, as well as an impressive intellectual property portfolio that builds considerable value for the company. The result is our proprietary TPI™ platform that can be configured to meet a variety of end-user needs across a number of industries.

TeraView world firsts:

TeraView was spun-out of Toshiba Research Europe in April, 2001 by its co-founders, Sir Michael Pepper (CSO) and Dr. Don Arnone (CEO), to exploit the intellectual property and expertise developed in sourcing and detecting terahertz (THz=1012Hz) radiation, using innovative technologies. Leading industry proponents of the technology sit on our Advisory Board, and TeraView maintains close links with the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, where modern terahertz technology was pioneered in conjunction with the team at TeraView, and where professor Pepper, has held the position of Professor of Physics since 1987.

About Us

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