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Information for Investors

investor relationsTeraView’s goal is to establish a high growth products and solutions-based business, and strengthen its position as the dominant supplier of terahertz technology that can be applied to targeted markets. We welcome discussions with investors and companies interested in commercial collaborations.

Mission Statement:

"To make terahertz technology affordable, accessible, and ubiquitous in everyday life."


Our extensive patent portfolio mitigates against risk for investors. Patents are filed in these areas:

The original development of semiconductor source and detector technology used in terahertz technology was carried out by Toshiba Research Europe Ltd in 1993-2001. Toshiba spun out this terahertz activity into TeraView Limited in April 2001 along with a consortium of UK-based venture capital investors and US corporates. Toshiba retains a minority stake in TeraView, which holds all the original intellectual property, equipment, and personnel.

Since its inception, the management along with the commercial teams have been built up, with target markets identified and commercially validated through repeat sales to Fortune 500 customers. Market applications and technology have been developed, and our patent portfolio has grown considerably.

TeraView currently has the largest customer roster, installed instrumentation base and patent portfolio of any terahertz company.

The company is currently focused on establishing its technology in the semiconductor, industrial inspection and analytical instrumentation markets, with other select applications and revenue opportunities explored through partnerships with global players active in those markets.

TeraView has a portfolio of corporate and financial investors who have continued to strongly support the company over the past several years, and bring both great breadth and depth of experience with spin-off technology companies. These include:

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