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TeraView Patents

Terahertz bandwidth

TeraView's Superior Bandwidth and S/N

TeraView has been working on terahertz generation (both pulsed and continuous) and its application for close to 20 years and today has 70 granted patents and a similar number of patents pending.

The company’s initial focus was around generating the optimum quality signal. At the core of this is the emitter design with its on-chip resistor. This design has been shown to give superior:

    1. Rise time
    2. Band width
    3. Signal to noise
    4. Reliability

This all means that a TeraView machine reliably and reproducibly gives higher resolution imaging and spectroscopy. More recently the company has focused around applications, with key patents covering:

Today the company remains committed to maintaining its lead in the area and as such continues to push the boundaries of the technology. It does this both independently and through collaborations.

If you would like to know more about how TeraView’s IP might help you and your company, or you may be interested in collaborating, then please get in touch.

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