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What is Terahertz?

The ‘terahertz gap’ – where until recently bright sources of light and sensitive means of detection did not exist – encompasses frequencies invisible to the naked eye in the electromagnetic spectrum, lying between microwave and infrared in the range from 0.3 to 3THz. Terahertz radiation, also known as t-rays, has wavelength of 3-100 cm-1.

what is terahertz

TeraView’s TPI™ core technology harnesses terahertz (THz) light to create a powerful spectroscopic and imaging technique for characterising molecular structures. TPI™ enables 3D imaging of structures and materials, and the measurement of the unique spectral fingerprints of different chemical and physical forms. Also, it accelerates product development, enhances process understanding and helps guarantee in-spec performance during scale-up and manufacture.

Advantages of terahertz light:

We are is the first company to develop technologies which commercially exploit terahertz. Our patented terahertz technology creates spectroscopic information and 3D image maps with unique spectroscopic signatures not found at other wavelengths. It resolves many of the questions left unanswered by complementary techniques, such as optical imaging, Raman and infrared. Terahertz technology also produces faster results than X-ray and enables non-destructive, internal, chemical analysis of many different types of materials.

Terahertz light has remarkable properties. Many common materials and living tissues are semi-transparent and have ‘terahertz fingerprints’, permitting them to be imaged, identified, and analysed. The non-ionizing properties of terahertz radiation and the relatively low power levels used indicate that it is safe. These unique properties, combined with TeraView's extensive experience and patent portfolio offer new opportunities to the semiconductor, solar, medical and pharma industries, and can be applied for material characterisation, non-destructive testing, security screening and fault isolation. Read more about specific terahertz applications.

How Terahertz Technology is Used

Through the use of terahertz technology, we have created specialist equipment such as the TPS Spectra 3000 for THz pulsed imaging and spectroscopy. This unique spectrometer utilises powerful laser sources and semiconductor based detection systems, supplying full access to the 0.06 – 4 THz spectral region.

Other instruments, including the EOTPR 2000 – Electro Optical Terahertz Pulsed Reflectometry, are designed to identify and isolate faults on the interconnects of advanced semiconductor packages. Find out more and take a look at our product range.

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Terahertz Applications

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