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Detection of Explosives and Materials Characterization

Characterization of explosives using TPS Spectra 3000Tests reveal the potential for our terahertz imaging technologies to detect sub-surface non-metallic objects

TeraView's technology can safely, non invasively and quickly image through different types of clothing and other concealment and confusion materials. It has the capacity to detect and identify hidden explosives materials in an automated fashion without operator interpretation.

TeraView has worked closely with government and academic laboratories in the US and Europe to supply our terahertz products for detecting and identifying explosives and improvised explosive devices (IED) at stand-off distances of up to 1m.


Characterization of explosives using TPS Spectra 3000Explosive materials absorb THz light strongly at certain terahertz frequencies but not at others, and this 'terahertz fingerprint' can be used to identify an explosive, and distinguish it from clothing or other inert materials. Because clothing is transparent at terahertz frequencies, the THz light can pass through several layers, including common garments and shoes. TeraView has also demonstrated the technology is capable of detecting different types of plastic explosives through clothing, including PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate).

TeraView has an expanding customer base in the instrumentation market and has focused considerable resources on supporting existing customers in these applications. To learn more about characterization of explosives using our systems please review our THz Stand-off Explosives Detection System.

Terahertz Detection of Plastic Explosives

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