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Terahertz Detection of Noxious Gases

Terahertz Continuous Wave (CW) spectroscopy has been shown to give superior resolution when compared to infra red or ion mobility type techniques. This superiority combined with the speed of analysis enables the detection of noxious or dangerous gases to be fully automated, whilst maintaining a very low false alarms level.

In the example below the CW unit can clearly differentiate between hydrogen cyanide and a common cleaning fluid, Ammonia. Current automated environmental monitoring systems frequently struggle with these and similar mixtures.

Hydrogen cyanide and Ammonia

Fig 1 – Spectra for Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and Ammonia (NH3)

TeraView CW Gas Cell

Fig 2 - TeraView CW Gas Cell

The technology has been shown suitable for monitoringpublic spaces such as:

It also has the potential to be deployed within combat zones. Other applications include work environments such as:

THz Security Applications

Other THz Applications

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