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Terahertz for Personnel Screening

TPI™ is safe for screening people to detect metallic and non-metallic objects through clothing and other materials.

Personnel ScreeningTeraView has worked with UK and US government agencies and commercial partners to demonstrate the capabilities of terahertz for non metallic weapons and explosives detection on people.

The ability of the technology to spectrally identify explosives through clothing has led to the first successful proof of principle experiments at stand off distances for potential applications in building security, airports and defense.

The imaging ability of the technology has led to proof of principle demonstrations of shoe scanning, as well as the world’s first practical terahertz system, based on a hand held wand that operates much like a metal detector, but capable of detecting non metallic weapons and certain explosives. TeraView supports defense and government agencies, as well as commercial partners, who wish to further explore this technology.

THz Detection of Concealed Weapons

THz Security Applications

Other THz Applications

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