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Applications of Terahertz Light

Using our terahertz equipment, THz imaging is capable of being applied to a number of 3D terahertz imaging and spectroscopy uses

TeraView's proprietary TPI™ is utilised in a range of industries, with the potential to save lives, improve security, maintain food and drug standards, and make industry more efficient.

TeraView provides a range of solutions for developed terahertz applications. Some specific terahertz light applications include:

Terahertz light has remarkable properties. Many common materials and living tissues are semi-transparent and have ‘terahertz fingerprints’, permitting them to be imaged, identified, and analyzed. Moreover, the non-ionizing properties of terahertz radiation and the relatively low power levels used, indicate that it is safe.

Terahertz spectroscopy and terahertz imaging has changed, and will continue to change, the world. TeraView's research has led to groundbreaking discoveries.  We also offer a number of select clients adapted terahertz equipment suited to their requirements.

Terahertz Applications

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