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Terahertz for Material Characterization

Our material characterization capabilities open up new opportunities for solid-state physics research and testing

Terahertz technology is the next significant diagnostic modality for performing rapid and non-destructive analysis. The range of applications include semiconductors, high-temperature superconductors, metamaterials, carrier density dynamics, carbon nano-tubes, magnetism, foodstuffs and agricultural commodities.

The high frequency dependent complex conductivity of materials can be obtained from non-contact THz spectroscopy using TeraView's TPS Spectra 3000.

Material characterisation applications:

Characterisation of Metamaterials

Improving the performance and quality of solid-state properties of and metamaterials.

Molecular imaging of epithelial cancer

Characterisation of Electron Carriers

Understanding carrier transport and dynamics of high-speed semiconductors devices.

>Early detection of the onset of decay

TeraView's material characterization analysis can also assist in improving the quality and consistency of a wide range of products. The main benefits of our TPS Spectra 3000 system include:

Normal image of corn seed

Terahertz images of corn seed

visible image of corn seed

terahertz images of corn seed



Material Characterisation

Other THz Applications

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