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Terahertz Nondestructive Evaluation

The wide range of imaging and spectroscopic capabilities offered by TeraView’s terahertz technology make it ideally suited for the investigation of material integrity.

Using terahertz for nondestructive evaluation enables inspection of layers in various materials that are challenging for other characterization methods. TeraView has carried out many industrial applications for a wide range of materials like paper, ceramics, clothes, plastics and woods that are transparent to THz waves.

NDT Applications:

Paints and Coatings Defect Identification

Characterize the thickness and uniformity of multi-coat layers on metal and polymer automobile structures.

Paints and Coatings Defect Identification

Non-contact Physical Art Imaging

Perform spectroscopic analysis without any contact with valuable and delicate paintings and artefacts.

Non-contact Physical Art Imaging

Structure Analysis of Ceramics and Composites

Investigate flaws, defects and buried structures in advanced composites and ceramic materials.

Structure Analysis of Ceramics and Composites

Unlike ultrasound, Terahertz Pulsed Imaging (TPI) can detect cracks hidden in multi-layered structures. THz light allows imaging through coatings and structures within plastics, ceramics and other polymeric and fiber composites. It can successfully identify defects and abnormalities from foreign material inclusions, disbond and delamination, mechanical impact damage, heat damage, and water or hydraulic fluid ingression.

THz Non-destructive Testing

Other THz Applications

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