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Solid Dosage-forms Analysis of Tablets with Terahertz Imaging

Cross section of tablet with terahertz imagingPharmaceutical tablet coatings control the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to ensure the bioavailability, safety and efficacy of the drug product. These functions may be severely compromised if a coating is non-uniform or has defects. From this standpoint, it is critical to assess coating integrity in coated tablets, both within a single tablet and across an entire batch to ensure product quality and monitor and control coating operations.

Terahertz Pulsed Imaging (TPI™) provides the ability to non-destructively and rapidly analyze the coating layer thickness and quality of coated pharmaceutical tablets. Because it is nondestructive, tablets can be re-examined at later times to monitor coating stability or used for further functional studies with prior knowledge of the coating uniformity.

TPI™ imaga 2000 tablet scanning

TeraView's TPI™ imaga 2000 can probe any position on a tablet in under 20 ms, making it suitable for determining Critical Quality Attributes in support of PAT initiatives in laboratory and manufacturing environments. Optimized for nondestructively determining heterogeneity and integrity of pharmaceutical cores and coatings, the TPI imaga 2000 can be used as a routine part of your product and process development to:

TeraView provides the expertise to investigate and assess critical attributes that impact the product performance such as:

Using chemometric software, TeraView can generate predictive models to support you through product and process development, and optimization as well as defining the correct manufacturing space for successful scale-up and process transfer.

tablet integrityUsing terahertz 3D imaging to determine integrity of tablet core and coating.

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