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Terahertz for the Semiconductor Industry

terahertz for semiconductorsTerahertz technology enables high resolution fault isolation in advanced semiconductor packages and 3D imaging in integrated circuit devices

The challenges that face the semiconductor industry revolve around speed, power, cost and quality.

SEMI logoSpeed - Computing and communication frequencies are pushing from the MHz to the GHz. Traditionally materials are developed and tested at roughly 10 times their normal operational frequencies, which is now terahertz. TeraView’s TPS Spectra 3000 is an “ideal plug and play” unit for the development and testing of semiconductor and other electronic materials.

Power - The demand for increased computational power within limited spaces means the semiconductor industry is developing ever more complex 3D package solutions. These new innovations present new FA and QA challenges, particularly with respect to the quickly and accurate identifying of interconnect defects. TeraView's EOTPR 2000 unit has been developed to specifically address this. Key advantages of the system include:

Cost and Quality - Terahertz waves can be used to quickly image cracks and defects at depth within silicon and hence has the potential to substantially improve process yields and reduce waste.

terahertz reflections from different faults In a paper presented at ECTC conference, Intel said: “With such a revolutionary concept, innovative design and superior performance, EOTPR will become an essential tool for microelectronic package fault isolation and failure analysis”

Semiconductor Solutions

Other THz Applications

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