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High Resolution Failure Analysis for Complex 3D Packages with Terahertz Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)

Terahertz TDR analysis of semiconductor packages offers a step change in resolution compared to conventional millimeter wave systems. Driven by the need for increased functionality in an ever shrinking space, semiconductor companies are developing ever more complex 3D packages. This complexity along with cost pressures is in-turn driving the need for better, more accurate fault analysis (FA) and quality analysis (QA) tools.

Accuracy of Terahertz on POPWorking in partnership with Intel, TeraView has developed the Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry (EOTPR) 2000 - a next generation high resolution terahertz time domain reflectometry unit. Designed for studying package interconnects, the unit currently offers sub 10 micron resolution, which is an order of magnitude better than the current millimetre wave systems. Options exists to improve this further.

Work by Intel has shown that this unit accuracy can not only help locate faults quicker but also isolate faults undetectable by conventional TDR. Potential also exists to use the technology within QA.

Flip Chip“The unique capabilities of Terahartz TDR (EOTPR) and its advantages over the conventional TDR have been recognized. With such revolutionary concept, innovative design and superior performance, EOTPR will become an essential tool for microelectronic package fault isolation and failure analysis.”  Yongming Cai, Zhiyong Wang, Rajen Dias, and Deepak Goyal, Intel Corporation


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