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TeraPulse 4000 – THz Pulsed Imaging and Spectroscopy

The TeraPulse 4000 is a portable unit capable of performing both transmission and reflection measurements within a single box. The unit is compatible with all of TeraView's existing imaging and spectroscopy modules and accessories.

TeraPulse 4000

TeraPulse 4000

TeraView's new spectrometer and imaging bench-top unit, the TeraPulse 4000, has a modular design to allow full use of all accessories for reflection and transmission measurements.

Using TeraView's proprietary semiconductor based technology and offering market leading signal to noise, the TeraPulse offers a quality signal up to 4 THz. The option of extending this beyond 7 THz also exists.

The unit's modular design simplifies any maintenance and allows it to automatically accept/recognise TeraView's extensive and unique range of accessories. Newly developed software ensures smooth operation. Options also exist for the unit to be incorporated into suitable industrial casing allowing it to be IP65 and IP67 compliant.

Key application areas:

Features and accessories:

Large Area Scanning Gantry 3D imaging scanner with detachable THz connectors for large samples
Medical Imaging Probe Non-invasive subsurface imaging of tissue for safe cancer detection
Specular Reflectance Module Collects reflectance spectra at various angles
Stand-off Reflectance Module Detects explosive materials using THz 'fingerprinting'
Variable to Sample Holders Cooled and heated holder for testing liquid and solid samples
Reflectance Imaging Module Cross sectional imaging and analysis of physical features and defects
XY Scanner Module Collection of spectra at different points in a sample using THz spectroscopy
XY Scanner Holder Holder for collection of spectra at different points in a sample
ATR Spectroscopy Module Performs transmission and ATR measurements for solids, gels and powders
External Fibre-fed Devices Fibre-launched devices for transmission and reflectance measurements
TPITM imaga 2000 3D THz imaging system for tablet coatings and cores
Cryostat Accessory Performs THz spectroscopy on super and semi-conducting materials

Applications and Devices:

Spectroscopy Modules

Imaging Modules

Other THz Instruments

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