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Terahertz Equipment for Imaging and Spectroscopy

TeraView has created a number of instruments to help harness the unique properties of terahertz radiation

By applying different software analysis packages, the same base technologies can be brought to bear to a wide range of applications.

TeraPulse 4000 – THz Pulsed Imaging and Spectroscopy

TeraPulse 4000

Contained within a single box, the TeraPulse 4000 is a lighter, smaller bench- top unit capable of performing Terahertz (THz) transmission and reflection measurements compatible with all of TeraView's existing modules.

Using TeraView's proprietary semiconductor based technology and offering market leading signal-to-noise, the TeraPulse offers a quality signal up to 4 THz, typically 4.5 THz. The option of extending this beyond 7 THz also exists.

The modular design simplifies any maintenance and allows it to automatically accept/recogniseTeraView's extensive and unique range of accessories. Upgraded software ensure smooth operation and data analysis. Options also exist for the unit to be incorporated into suitable industrial casing allowing it to be IP65 and IP67 compliant.

Extra modules include:

THz Pulsed Imaging and Spectroscopy

TPS Spectra 3000 - THz Pulsed Imaging and Spectroscopy

TeraView’s terahertz spectrometers utilize powerful, ultra-fast laser sources and semiconductor based detection systems to supply full access to the 0.06 – 4 THz (2 cm-1 - 120 cm-1) spectral region.
These “plug and play” units are reliable, easy to use and flexible. They can be supplied with a wide range of ancillary spectroscopy and imaging modules that either fit directly onto the core unit or via a fibre optic feed. These modules can be provided at the time of purchase or added later as your needs change.

Extra modules include:

EOTPR - Electro optical terahertz pulsed reflectometry 

EOTPR 3000 - Electro optical terahertz pulsed reflectometry

The unit is used to identify and quickly isolate faults on the interconnects of advanced packages, such as Flip Chip, Package on Package (PoP) and potentially Through-silicon vias (TSV).

Key advantages of the EOTPR 3000 include:

All our units come with a 12 month warranty and are supported on-site by TeraView's global service team.

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