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Continuous Wave (CW) Terahertz Imaging

Using the CW Spectra 400, TeraView has demonstrated the benefits of using its patented CW-THz photomixer platform to form images at different frequencies. These images are capable of:

While CW-THz images taken at a single frequency can reveal the shapes of hidden objects and the interfaces between them, a single frequency does not permit spectral identification of the substance. However, when images taken at different, discrete, frequencies are algorithmically combined, it is possible to distinguish substances spectroscopically.

By way of an example, the series of images below, show a hidden sample of Semtex (centre) surrounded by two confusion materials of similar density and consistency. By taking a difference image using frequency components of 500 GHz and 900 GHz, the Semtex can be isolated.

detection and identification of semtex reflectanceDetection and Identification of Semtex

CW - THz image of a ceramic knife concealed under clothing

Medical Applications

case for basal cell carcinomaIn the medical area, TeraView has used its technology to detect pre-cancerous conditions as well as an intra-operative surgical aid during breast conservation and other surgical procedures.

The example below illustrates the case for basal cell carcinoma, a prevalent form of skin cancer (for research purposes only).

CW Applications

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