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CW Spectra 400 - Terahertz Spectrometer with Imaging Capabilities

CW SpectrometerThe CW Spectra 400 is the latest terahertz spectrometer from TeraView. It utilizes TeraView's proprietary GaAs-based photomixers and optical fibres to provide a robust and flexible, ready to use, turn-key system.

This standalone unit generates a continuous terahertz wave (CW), tunable in frequency, which is emitted and detected via an appropriate set of proprietary, fibre-fed terahertz photomixers.

By the addition of suitable supports, gantries or other units this CW Spectra 400 is capable of performing spectroscopy and imaging on a range of objects and materials.

General applications include:

Product features:

CW Applications

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Spectroscopy Instruments

Imaging Instruments

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