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Terahertz Pulsed Imaging TPI Imaga 2000

TPI Imaga 2000

TPI™ imaga 2000, from TeraView, is the first commercial terahertz (THz) imaging system optimized for the non-destructive determination of the integrity and performance of finished tablets and cores.

Traditionally sold as a unique and stand-alone instrument this design has now been integrated into the modular design of TeraView's spectroscopy and imaging instruments, allowing to be bought as an imaging module.

Based upon TeraView's proprietary semiconductor-based, terahertz pulsed technology, TPI™ imaga 2000 yields complete 3D – 360° volumetric imaging of intact tablet coatings and cores.

TeraView's TPI™ imaga 2000 determines the thickness, uniformity, distribution and coverage of simple and complex coatings. Structural features such as cracks, dislocations and delaminations in single and multilayer cores are also revealed.

TPI™ imaga 2000 tablet scanning

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