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Attenuated Total Reflectance Module - ATR

Attenuated total reflectance module

ATR module for measurement of solids, gels and powders

This terahertz (THz) spectrometer with modular sample compartment and Attenuated Total Reflectance accessory (ATR) is designed to measure solids, gels and powders. It is capable of performing both transmission and attenuated total reflection measurements.

Utilizing TeraView’s proprietary semiconductor based terahertz pulsed technology, TeraView's spectroscopy and imaging instruments yields superior analytical performance – all while operating under ambient conditions. The sample compartment can accommodate most available IR sampling accessories including heated cells, transmission cells and X-Y moving sample holders.

Product features:

TeraView's spectroscopy and imaging instruments are supplied with a TeraView 35° or 45° ATR. These are the first commercially available ATRs that have been optimised for use at terahertz frequencies. Small quantities of sample are placed on the ATR crystal and measured directly with little or no sample preparation. Solids, powders and gels can be measured in this way. Liquid samples require a sample cell. For solid samples, the lack of sample preparation means THz spectra can be collected quickly and easily without the need to mix the sample with polyethylene and compress into pellets. This is particularly useful for pressure sensitive samples where a polymorphic change or other damage could occur during compression of the pellet.

The combination of TeraView's spectroscopy and imaging instruments and ATR enables THz spectroscopy to be performed on a wide
range of sample types and provides information on:

  • Crystalline content of amorphous samples
  • Polymorph detection, identification and quantification
  • Polymorphic transition
  • Pseudo crystals
  • Content uniformity  
  • Phase transformation with thermal studies (heated cell option required)  
  • Material characterization

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