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Variable Temperature Cells - Terahertz Transmission

Specular reflectance

Heated holder for liquid or solid samples

Variable Temperature (heated) Sample Holder

This variable temperature cell is suitable for transmission measurements on liquid or solid samples. Temperatures can be set between ambient and 250°C. The accessory comprises of an electrically heated cell jacket, electronic controller, THz transparent cell inserts and a modified sample compartment cover for TeraView's spectroscopy and imaging instruments to maintain sample compartment purge.

Specular reflectance

Cooled holder for testing samples in -190oC to 250oC

Variable Temperature (cooled) Sample Holder

The cell consists of a vacuum jacket with a refrigerant dewar/cell holder assembly and Z-cut quartz windows. Sample cells are inserted into the heating block part of the dewar/cell holder and the whole system is operated within a vacuum environment maintained by the outer jacket. Using a combination of refrigerant and cell block heaters any temperature from -190°C to 250°C can be achieved. Typically liquid nitrogen is used as the coolant.

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