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EOTPR 3000 - Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry

Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry (EOTPR) is an innovative time domain reflectometry (TDR) system that has been successfully developed by Intel Corporation and TeraView Ltd

Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse ReflectometryIt allows THz TDR analysis of semiconductor packages and offers a step change in resolution compared to conventional millimeter wave systems. The injected terahertz pulse reflects off faults within the device under test (DUT) locating their position with accuracy of 5 μm.

The unit is used to identify and quickly isolate faults on the interconnects of advanced packages, such as:


Fault resolution

<5 microns

Rise time

Sub 6 ps

Signal to noise

94 dB

Testing range

Up to 150 mm

Product Features

EOTPR Schematic

EOTPR 3000 Applications

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